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A small group for 4-6 year olds beginning their educational journey

This group meets from 9-3 Tuesdays - Thursdays at Acorns. Taught by inspirational tutors specialised in primary education, nature connection and natural sciences we offer a broad and varied curriculum with developing emotional literacy and restorative justice at it’s heart.


Parents do not stay for this group but we fully support the separation process. Just some of the activities we teach are: nature connection, natural history, gardening, phonics, maths, literacy, art and design, music and history. 

We begin our day at 9am with a group sensory based play activity. This allows parents to bring their child into the group and support the transition between home and Acorns.

Once we're all together and settled we begin morning circle; this is a really important part of our day as it allows us to 'check in' with each other and share anything about our day. The children are encouraged to share with the group how they are feeling and to listen and respond sensitively to others in the group. Sometimes a story is shared or we have a discussion around our learning.

After morning circle, we usually have a dance or active game to get our bodies moving.

On Tuesday's we spend time learning together through play with a focus on developing early educational skills loosely based on the EYFS national curriculum. On Wednesday's we spend time in the woods learning about nature and how to connect with nature and each other. On Thursday's we spend time in the garden developing our gardening skills and knowledge, singing and making music. 

Around half way through the morning we share a snack together and listen to a story.

After lunch, we come back together for a shared story and discussion as a group. After this we dance together, take part in a movement based game or perhaps do some simple yoga.

Our afternoons are spent learning through play, developing our early phonics, maths and literacy skills and most afternoons we have an arts and craft activity to take part in.  

We end our days with a closing circle to reflect on our day before parents collect from the classroom.

Rhythm of the Day for Seedlings


Mel supports us in Roots every day and teaches us yoga.


Kay teaches us on Tuesdays all day and Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.


Melissa teaches us on Thursday mornings.


Sharona supports us when needed and usually spends lunch time with us.


Melissa teaches us on Thursday afternoons.


Sam teaches us on Wednesday mornings.


Sam teaches us on Tuesdays all day and Wednesday afternoons.


Joanna will be teaching us on Wednesday mornings whilst Sam is away.

People who work with Seedlings

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